STEVE SETTEDUCATI Chief Executive Officer

As I celebrate my sixth year as Chief Executive Officer of New Concepts for Living, I also celebrate my sixth year in my new profession.  After 30 years of owning and operating a for-profit midsize company in an unrelated industry, followed by a short-lived three-year retirement, I am now fulfilled by way of leading this remarkable non-profit organization.

Over the last 5 ½ years NCFL has undergone incredible growth, from both a services and facilities perspective, and more importantly in personal growth for the increasing number of individuals that we serve.  Since 2016 all our Community Residences (group homes) have been newly renovated. In addition, we have upgraded our transportation fleet with all new vehicles, added full-time behaviorists and nurses to our staff, and implemented highly advanced Information Technology (IT) platforms throughout our organization that are second to none.  By way of example, NCFL was the first, and currently one of only a few agencies in New Jersey to install sophisticated, high-res digital cameras throughout our Community Residences, Achievement Center (Day Program) and our entire transportation fleet for the safety and benefit of our residents and staff.  In addition, NCFL has created and implemented easy to use digital reporting suites that administer and monitor ABC’s, UIR’s and community outings to name a few.  Speaking of “Community Integration” (outings), NCFL is one of the most active agencies in New Jersey when it comes to integrating our extraordinary individuals into the community. We are committed to taking trips to a multitude of venues on a regular basis.  Whether it be through daily outings from our Achievement Center, or from our homes on weekends and weeknights, we strongly believe in the rights of our individuals to integrate within the community.

NCFL has grown to full capacity at our Rochelle Park Achievement Center and Administrative Offices.  We will be expanding to a new, state-of-the-art Achievement Center in the near future which will increase our capacity four-fold in the interest of accommodating our lengthy waiting list of extraordinary individuals.  In addition, NCFL just opened the first of several “Medically Supportive” Community Residences.  We were excited to welcome our first medically fragile residents to this home in August and look forward to serving additional medically fragile individuals as we construct more homes over the next several months.

We recognize the importance of hiring the very best employees available.  In accordance with this endeavor, our staff, both Administrative and Direct Support Professionals (DSP’s), are among the highest paid in our field.  Our DSP’s are fully vetted and go through a rigorous training program before they can qualify to care for our residents.  As a result of the entirety of our efforts, NCFL has earned a reputation of excellence as the leading provider of services for the developmentally disabled in New Jersey.

With respect to our financial position, I am happy to report that over the past 5 ½ years, NCFL has nearly quadrupled our budget, with further expansion plans in the works in the interest of providing our unparalleled services to even more deserving special needs individuals.  I am humbled by how far we have come and remain steadfast and focused on where we are headed.

I would like to thank our financial supporters for their generosity, our families for their continued partnership, and our outstanding staff for their hard work and unrelenting dedication.

In closing, I wish to share with you that I cannot think of a more rewarding second career.  I look forward to every day, serving the extraordinary special needs individuals for whom we provide a “Lifetime of Care.”

I look forward to what we can accomplish together in 2021 and beyond!