Rules have changed in recent years to make portability much easier for anyone who would like to move from one agency to another. Please contact us if you are looking to transfer your loved one into our agency or if you want more information on the process.

One of our dedicated team members would be happy to speak with you to explain more about your options and availability. Please call us at 201-843-3427; email or click here to provide initial information and someone will contact you within a few days.

You should contact the Division of Developmental Disabilities (800-832-9173 as soon as possible to get your child registered and evaluated. DDD will provide you with the necessary paperwork and determine the level of care your child is eligible for. You can then work with a Support Coordinator to find the right services and explain your rights and options. Every student under the age of 18 who has received services should apply for a Support Coordinator through DDD (NJ Department of Human Services Division of Developmental Disabilities) once they “age out” of their existing programs.

New Concepts for Living prides itself on putting the well-being of those entrusted to us first and foremost. In order to attract and hire the most qualified candidates for our staff, we offer a highly competitive salary as well as a thorough and on-going training program. In addition, our homes and day program are monitored with video surveillance in all common areas so that any incident can be easily investigated, and the proper actions taken if necessary. We will not tolerate anything but dignity and respect for those in our care.

Provided he or she qualifies, their tier will be determined, and Medicaid will pay for services that coincide with their assigned tier.

Our program accepts adults 21 years and older. We try and group our day program residents by interest and ability and often that results in keeping our clients with people closer to their own age. Our youngest resident is 21 and our oldest is now 78  years young.

New Concepts for Living has a variety of vehicles that provide transportation services. From minivans to transit buses, our trained staff will take our residents wherever they need to be safely, and in a timely manner, 24 hours a day. We will transport to and from our community residences, our day program facility, shopping, field trips, medical appointments, families & residences, places of worship, and more. Transportation for individuals who are not residents of our homes but are part of our Day Program is available free of charge within a certain radius (catchment area) and can be covered outside that limit in most cases.

All of our homes have single rooms. We even have independent apartments available!

Absolutely! It’s what we do. Our goal is to maintain both physical AND mental health and ensure all those in our care feel like family. Any special needs can be outlined in your ISP (Individualized Service Plan). NCFL’s nursing department provides ongoing training on all specialized meals / diets and updates the staff as the individual’s needs may change in the future.

Our goal is to ensure our residents feel as independent as possible without compromising safety. Each ISP is tailored to the individual’s level of need and can help determine how much supervision is required.

Our behaviorists and nurses will work with families, guardians and physicians to ensure the right treatment plans and medication, if necessary. All staff are trained though the DDD approved Crisis Management Program and receive training from our Behavior Department on how to effectively redirect and de-escalate a situation. Our staff develops customized behavior plans to target specific situations.

Yes! NCFL is introducing medically supportive Community Residences for adults with special needs, including medical!  Also known as an Intermediate Care Facility, or ICF, these homes are specifically designed to provide a group home environment for more ‘medically fragile’ developmentally disabled adults and have nurses on staff 24/7.  Call us for more information on availability in our newly built medically supportive  Community Residences.