Our mission is simple.

New Concepts for Living is committed to care for and nurture adults challenged with developmental and physical disabilities so they can attain their highest level of wellness, independence and achievement. We are committed to partnering with families and guardians to achieve this mission for all individuals in our care.




New Concepts for Living endeavors to be the leading provider of services, enriching the lives of developmentally disabled adults throughout New Jersey. We will continue to grow and expand to care for developmentally disabled individuals, 21 years of age or older, providing community housing, day programs, transportation, behavioral services and medical assistance.



Respect: Every employee at NCFL understands the importance of earning and granting respect. We train all staff to act in a manner that invites respect and that they, in turn, respect every individual they encounter, including our residents, family members, guardians and each other.

Dignity: NCFL is focused on ensuring our clients and staff feel as useful, independent and appreciated as possible. We treat everyone, regardless of ability, with the dignity they deserve.

Partnership: We recognize it takes teamwork to achieve individual and company goals. We are committed to working together with families, guardians, and other agencies and professionals to benefit our residents and support our mission.

Improvement: Aiming higher and continually improving is a never-ending goal for the individuals we serve. It is also a target for our staff, our programs and our organization overall. We embrace the challenge and will never stop trying to improve.

Integrity: Integrity is at the heart of all we do.  We incorporate honesty and reliability in our every-day tasks and conduct. We believe that it’s what you do when people are NOT watching that count and we hold each other to the highest standards, setting a positive example for our residents.