“I am writing to extend a special thank you to your staff at Andy’s house. Rebecca has been exemplary in her management of the staff and your clients.  In such an unprecedented, dangerous time she has risen to the occasion and gone above and beyond.” The fear and unknown of how to manage this situation are harrowing for all of us.  As a parent of a son with very high needs, residing in a group home setting on lock-down, the anxiety is overwhelming.  I am relieved that New Concepts for Living has taken every precaution, and all steps necessary for the health and safety of our loved ones and their own dedicated staff. Rebecca has always been there to support Andy in so many ways.   It has been a particularly frightening time for us recently with his new medical issues.  She has always been very professional and very caring.  Her strong guidance, reassurance and kindness have been such a comfort. Special thanks to your selfless front-line workers, Wesley and Mike, for their round-the-clock-care.  And of course, special thanks to Owen who clearly cares a lot for Andy. Their devotion and dedication, working consistently with Andy, has certainly made a difference in his life and is not without my gratitude. Heartfelt thanks and gratitude to NCFL and ALL your staff, especially those from his Community Residence - Rebecca, Owen, Wesley, Mike, Emma and Jason.  And I don’t want to forget Carlton, Babatunde, Obe and Benjamin’s hard work and TLC.”  

Kim Elphick

Having a special needs child is one of hardship and joy for parents. Bringing up Sean and knowing that one day he would be alone in this world, as we have no other children, was frightening. Finding what we believe was a suitable group home was a time-consuming experience. Then we found New Concepts for Living. Still a little leery, we decided it would be the best situation for Sean. We now know it was the best decision we ever made. We would like to thank the New Concepts staff for all the care and comfort they have shown Sean. Both of us thank you from the bottom of our heart, and if he could, Sean would also thank you. I also want to take this opportunity to recognize Chris (his House Manager). Chris treats Sean like he was one of his own and I know he has a place in his heart for him. His leadership has, in our eyes, transformed the Teaneck community residence into the best in the state, baring none. In closing, our thanks to New Concepts for Living for allowing us one day to go to our grave knowing that Sean is in the best hands he could be in.  

Tom and Cathy Shanahan

I’m impressed with the high level of care given to my daughter. All staff is friendly and very professional. All my questions and concerns are answered quickly, and any problems resolved in a timely manner.

Elena O’Connell

New Concepts is truly the “home away from home” my parents envisioned for my sisters. Marian has grown tremendously since living in her independent apartment setting and Paulette thrives in her more traditional group home right in the town that she grew up in.  The 24-hour staff are uniformly incredible, courteous, kind and compassionate individuals who treat my sisters and their house mates with dignity, respect and understanding. The professional, customized care my sisters receive at New Concepts for Living is invaluable to the Maguire family and we are deeply grateful to all who continue to support this wonderful agency.

Patrice M. Scott

New Concepts has always taken excellent care of my brother, Eugene. Whether it be at the work shop or at the group home. The staff in either case has always shown genuine, caring, and real concern for my brother's wellbeing. He can be very difficult at times and I always appreciate their patience and understanding. I can't thank New Concepts enough for all they do for Eugene. And as his brother, I thank you.

Edward Pickhardt