Community Service

At NCFL, we have a responsibility to our clients, their families and the community. We believe that a strong community cultivates growth in the individual as well as the agency and allows us to provide more fulfilling opportunities for our clients.Our service to the community also provides our clients with a moral framework and gives them the satisfaction of doing good for others.

Our staff and residents frequently volunteer at such organizations as Meals on Wheels, Goodwill, The Salvation Army, VA Hospital and more. Here are just a few examples of how NCFL has made a positive impact in the community.

Service for Veterans

For Memorial Day and Veteran's Day, our clients create and decorate handwritten Thank-You Letters for our service men and women. Our staff and clients hand deliver them to our local VA Hospital to show their appreciation for the service and sacrifice they made for our country. In our visits there, our clients have made great connections with some local heroes and learned much about history through the first-hand accounts told by some of the veterans, some even dating back to World War II. It is an uplifting experience to see our clients learning about social responsibility as well as learning about history and making new friends in the process. NCFL will continue its service for our veterans with future volunteer projects at the VA Hospital more frequently.

Meals on Wheels

The clients at New Concepts for Living are always doing activities that keep them active, learning and developing. One such activity that we put to good use is our weekly cooking class. Once a week, a group of residents learn how to prepare various meals from scratch. Every other week, the finished product is brought over to our local Meals on Wheels to assist them in their mission of providing food for senior citizens in need.

Holiday Toy Drive

In conjunction with the Rochelle Park Police Department, each holiday season New Concepts collects toys from donations and participates in Rochelle Park's Holiday Toy Drive. Our clients feel a great sense of fulfillment in giving back to the community. Creating a pattern of helping others is what we endeavor to do in our service.