The term inclusion refers to the belief that all people, regardless of their abilities,
disabilities, or health care needs, have the right to be respected and appreciated as
valuable members of their communities and to participate in recreational activities in
neighborhood settings.

At NCFL we embrace that belief and understand that we have a responsibility to our clients,
their families and the community.

All individuals in our care, both from our Community Residences or the Adult
Achievement Center Day Program have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of trips and
outings. Weekday adventures include swimming at the Ridgewood YMCA, a trip to the
park or the Dollar Store, an outing to The Liberty Science Center, Point Pleasant
Beach or the Yogi Berra Museum. On weekends, our residents can also often be found
out shopping at the mall, dancing at a local JCC “Canteen Dance,” enjoying dinner at
a local restaurant or joining in any of the above adventures.



Many of our residents also work in the community. Shop Rite has been a large supporter, hiring our residents and providing them with the chance to earn their own money, encouraging independence and self-worth. And, because we believe that self-worth comes from giving as well as receiving, our residents also are encouraged to take part in community volunteer programs. We are proud to participate in the Bergen Volunteers ‘Cheer” Program, where one of our residents visits with an elderly Bergen County resident and also assists her with food shopping and Laundry. We have also partnered with The Paramus Veteran’s Home where we make bi-weekly visits to play games, dance and just visit with the residents there.

Take a look at this month’s Day Program Calendar to get a feel for the number – and variety of adventures our residents take part in!