NCFL’s newest home, designed exclusively for developmentally disabled

‘medically fragile’  adults requiring 24-hour skilled nursing care 

With the goal of providing superior care to as many deserving individuals as possible, NCFL continues to focus on growth. Recognizing a void in the availability of group homes for developmentally disabled adults who also have specific medical needs, NCFL is proud to introduce Medically Supportive Community Residences, also known as Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs), for adults with developmental disabilities!  NCFL’s Intermediate Care Facilities are carefully designed to ensure the ultimate care and comfort of the extraordinary individuals who live there.

Unlike other Intermediate Care Facilities, NCFL’s Medically Supportive Community Residences are specifically designed and built to ensure the ultimate care and comfort of the extraordinary individuals who live there. Adults with ileostomies, colostomies, peg tubes, suprapubic catheters, tracheostomies, and various other medical requirements reside comfortably and safely in a group home environment.

• Skilled Nurses on site 24/7.
• All homes are handicap accessible with extra wide doorways and spacious common areas.
• Every bedroom is bright and airy with an emergency exit door to an outdoor landing.
• Modern kitchens and spacious dining rooms are standard in all NCFL homes.
• Ceiling Mobility Tracks are installed when needed for easy transition from bedroom to bathroom.
• Every house features two family rooms, including a semi private visitor’s room.
• Bathrooms are ADA compliant, including quick-dry overhead sunlamps with heating fans to minimize sensory discomfort after bathing.
• All homes provide Physical Therapy/Exercise Rooms.
to enhance the well-being of each resident and keep them moving.

 Please contact us if you would like more information on this or any other NCFL home or service.