Adult Achievement Center


At our Adult Achievement Center, we provide our clients with skills training that helps them to maximize their potential and lead a more fulfilling life. Our clients benefit from well-rounded programs that focus on daily living and social skills as well as education and recreation programs. We support each client with custom behavior plans.







Gainful Employment Projects

We execute gainful employment projects to provide our clients with:

  • Workforce Education
  • Job Training
  • Job Placement
  • Time Management Skill Development
  • Money Management Experience
  • Social and Business Interaction Techniques

We work closely with companies such as Shop Rite, Pet Smart, and others to provide our qualified clients with employment opportunities and a rewarding sense of responsibility. We see positive effects for the clients that take part in our gainful employment projects such as increased self-esteem, enhanced social skills, decreased maladaptive behaviors and more. Community Integration is a focal point of the mission of our organization.

NCFL Education Programs

At the New Concepts for Living Achievement Center, we focus on the intellectual development of our clients through programs that are designed to educate our clients about Current Events, Math, History, Political Science, communication, creative writing and more. Many of our clients thrive in the classroom setting which, in addition to the benefit of teaching them valuable knowledge, also teaches structure, social skills and responsibility.


Music and Dance

One of our clients performs a duet with musician Peter Greco for our day program residents

Our recreation programs consist of a well-rounded balance of activities that stimulate the minds and bodies of our clients. Music and dance are incorporated into our day program activities as an effective means of of mental stimulation and development as well as physical fitness. Our clients are treated to live music weekly and perform their favorite songs in our bi-annual NCFL Talent Show.

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