Medical Care

Many of our residents have unique medical needs in addition to the every-day requirements that ensure they stay as healthy and active as possible. From blood pressure monitoring and administration of medication, including insulin to more critical care nursing needs and emergency services, NCFL’s family of extraordinary individuals receive the specific medical supervision and attention they deserve. Each client’s care is monitored closely and regularly by our Nursing team.

We are one of the only Adult Day Programs with nurses on-site and on call 24/7 to handle emergency or unexpected occurrences or questions at each of our Community residences.

Our nursing staff will coordinate care with physicians and other healthcare professionals as well as with family where and when needed.

Optimal Health


Safety and Well Checks:Our Nursing Staff is continuously monitoring the health and wellness of our residents and watching for any notable changes or ‘red flags.’

Personal Care:Our entire staff is trained to step in where needed to ensure that basic hygiene needs are met and that our residents are encouraged to participate in their self-care, promoting their independence.

Medication Management:Our nurses oversee the medication supply and ensure all medications are administered as prescribed.

Coordination with Doctors:Understanding the importance of communication and the need for clear instruction, our nurses will speak directly with doctors to share and receive all necessary information regarding the health of our residents.

Staff Support and Training:NCFL nurses conduct regularly scheduled training for our direct care staff and are available as needed for any additional training needs.