New Concepts for Living (NCFL) is dedicated to enriching the lives of adults with special needs through caring and compassionate support within a nurturing environment that promotes independence, growth, and inclusion.


NCFL will be the nation’s premier agency, setting the bar for others to provide the highest level of care to adults with special needs and offering permanent peace of mind for their caregivers.

We continue to expand our offerings which include residential housing, day program, behavioral services, transportation, community inclusion, and nursing services.

NCFL remains focused on achieving continued growth and serving more exceptional individuals in New Jersey.


New Concepts for Living was established on five key values that are the foundation of our care. Our values ensure we remain the premier choice for extraordinary individuals in New Jersey.


NCFL employees understand the importance of earning respect. Our staff is trained to value everyone they interact with.


We ensure our residents and Day Program participants feel useful, independent, and appreciated. Everyone, regardless of ability, is treated with dignity.


The NCFL team is fully committed to working with families, guardians, other agencies, and professionals to benefit our residents and Day Program participants.


NCFL constantly strives to improve the quality of care, services, and inclusion for everyone.


We believe it is what you do when people are not watching that counts. Integrity and honesty are at the core of all we do.  These values embody our everyday tasks and conduct to provide the utmost peace of mind for families and guardians.


New Concepts for Living was founded in 1981 by a group of parents whose children were diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). As their children transitioned into adulthood, they recognized a lack of programs for adults living with special needs and NCFL was formed to ensure that all adults with I/DD received the care they deserved and needed.

NCFL not only cares for individuals with I/DD but enriches their lives and empowers them to reach their fullest potential. Our first community residence opened in 1985 in Hillsdale and since then has grown to 18 homes in 13 Bergen County towns (as of mid-2024). Our Rochelle Park Achievement Center which opened in 1999, offers enrichment and inclusion programs to residents of NCFL’s community residences, individuals living at other agency homes, and individuals who reside with their families. A new 81,500+ square-foot, state-of-the-art Achievement Center opened in June of 2024 in Paramus, NJ, and will allow us to serve triple the number of individuals we can serve in our Rochelle Park facility. It was custom-built to address all the special needs of our population and will also allow us to provide all our services under one roof.

NCFL’s mission to enrich the lives of adults with special needs through caring and compassionate support remains at the forefront of our work, Our goal is to be the nation’s premier provider of services for adults with I/DD, providing them with a lifetime of compassionate and quality care.

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